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MBS (Masters of Business Studies)


Master of Business Studies (MBS) is a semester-based two-year postgraduate degree, which blends, research methodology, statistical methods, managerial economics, organizational behaviour, human resources management, managerial finance, management accountancy, accounting for financial and managerial decision and control, marketing management, production and operations management, international business, and business environment with different professional modules and workshops on managerial communication, leadership, soft skills, and entrepreneurship and strategic management. Students can choose a specialization in any one of the areas, such as, accounting, finance, marketing, and management. One of the salient features of this Tribhuvan University’s MBS curriculum is its theoretical grounding in management education along with a hands-on approach to business management practices. Under the diversified learning framework adopted by the College, our MBS students regularly participate in project works, reflective writing, presentation, seminars and workshops.

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MBS subjects:

MKT 511
Marketing Management
ECO 512
Managerial Economics
MSC 514
Statistical Methods
MGT 515
Organizational Behavior
MGT 519
Managerial Communication
FIN 510
Financial Management
MGT 513
Human Resource Management
MSC 516
Production and Operations Management
ACC 517
Management Accountancy
MGT 518
Business Environment


ACC 519
Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control
MSC 521
Research Methodology
MGT 522
International Business
MGT 523
Strategic Management
MGT 524
(Choose Three Subjects Only)
FIN 650
Asset Management
FIN 651
Capital Structure Management
FIN 652
Working Capital Management
FIN 653
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
FIN 654
Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 655
International Financial Management
FIN 656
Financial Derivatives and Market
Marketing (Choose Three Subjects Only)
MKT 657
Consumer Behavior
MKT 658
International Marketing
MKT 659
Brand Management
MKT 660
Sales Management
MKT 661
Retail Management
MKT 663
Services Marketing
Accountancy (Choose Three Subjects Only)
ACC 672
Corporate Taxation
ACC 673
Cost Management
ACC 674
Contemporary Auditing
Acc 676 Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting
ACC 677 Management Control System

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Admission Procedure

Admission Criteria

    • Admission Procedures Eligibility: Should have a Bachelors’ degree from any recognized university with minimum of second division.
    • Entrance Test: Must pass CMAT conducted by TU
    • Interview: Each candidate on succeeding the entrance test is called for interview. The result for admission is published on the basis of weighted average marks of the Entrance, Interview and Bachelor’s Degree.


Urursha Chalise '22

Basundhara, Kathmandu


Urursha Chalise '22

Basundhara, Kathmandu


Urursha Chalise '22

Basundhara, Kathmandu