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Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)


Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) at KMC combines theoretical and practical blend of management education for 21st-century management professionals. The total course weight is 120 credits including one comprehensive summer project work and internship report writing. BBM at KMC focuses on providing diverse academic, industrial and experiential exposure to its graduates in different managerial specializations such as financial management, marketing management, human resource management, international business, entrepreneurship and research.

KMC has adopted an innovative, interactive and diversified learning approach for this BBM program. KMC anticipates different challenges and prospects for its undergraduate students in a dynamic business that they have engaged with and successful tackle effectively and efficiently. Therefore, management education at KMC has shifted its focus from knowing to learning and from understanding to performing.


BBM subjects:

ECO 203

Microeconomics for Business – 3 Cr

ENG 201

English I – 3 Cr

MGT 231Foundation Of Business Management – 3Cr
MTH 201
Business Mathematics I – 3Cr
SOC 203
Sociology for Business Management – 3Cr
ACC 201
Financial Accounting – 3 Cr
ECO 212

Microeconomics for Business – 2 Cr

Seminar on Contemporary Issues of Macro Economics – 1 Cr

ENG 212English II – 3Cr
MTH 212
Business Mathematics II – 3Cr
LeadershipΒ  and Organizational Behavior – 3Cr
PSY 201

Seminar on Leadership and Organizational Behavior – 1 Cr

ACC 202
CostΒ  and Management Accounting – 3 Cr
ENG 203
Business Communication – 3 Cr
FIN 206Fundamentals of Finance – 3 Cr
SOC 204
Nepalese History and Politics – 3 Cr
STT 201
Business Statistics – 3 Cr


MGT 234Legal Environment for Business in Nepal – 3 Cr
FIN 207
Financial Management – 3 Cr
PSY 202Psychology – 3 Cr
ACC 204Taxation and Auditing – 3 Cr
Β RCH 201
Business Research Methods – 3 Cr
MKT 201Fundamentals of Marketing – 3 Cr
MGT 205Operations Management – 3 Cr
FIN 208Financial Market and Services – 3 Cr
IT 231IT and Application – 3 Cr
……….Focus Area Course I – 3 Cr
IT 232Database Management System – 3 CrΒ 
MGT 236Business Environment – 3 CrΒ 
MGT 237Entrepreneurship and Business Resource Mapping – 2 CrΒ 
MGT 238Practicum on Business Plan – 1 CrΒ 
………..Focus Area Course II – 3 CrΒ 
………..Elective Course I – 3 Cr
………..Focus Area Course III – 3 Cr
………..Focus Area Course IV – 3 Cr
IT 204E-commerce – 3 Cr
MGT 239
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance – 3 Cr
MGT 240Β  Β Strategic ManagementΒ  – 3 Cr
Elective Course II – 3 Cr

Elective Course III – 3 Cr

Focus Area Course V – 3 Cr

Project Report Writing Or Internship with Report – 6 Cr

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Admission Criteria
  • Students seeking admission in Social Work must have secured at least D+ in all subjects in Grade 11 and Grade 12.
  • Passed + 2 or Intermediate or PCL from TU or from any other institution recognized by TU with a minimum of 45% marks.
  • Only those students who have passed the interview will be eligible for an admission

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