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Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)


The BBM program at KMC College, affiliated with Tribhuvan University, provides students with a well-rounded education in management.

Kathmandu Model College is one of the best BBM colleges in kathmandu. 

BBM combines theory and practical learning, giving students a solid foundation in various managerial areas.

With a curriculum totaling 120 credits, including a comprehensive summer project and internship report, students gain hands-on experience. 

KMC’s innovative learning approach prepares students to effectively tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving business world, shifting the focus from knowledge acquisition to practical performance. 

The BBM program at KMC opens up a world of opportunities, equipping graduates to excel in financial management, marketing, human resources, international business, entrepreneurship, and research. 

The expanding scope of BBM in Nepal makes KMC College the ideal choice for those aspiring to succeed in the dynamic field of business management.


Program Objective

The Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) program is strategically designed with multifaceted objectives aimed at cultivating dynamic managers capable of shouldering responsibilities across diverse industries. 

  • The program’s overarching goal is to empower qualified professionals with the acumen to navigate the complexities of the global business landscape. 
  • Acknowledging the challenges and fierce competition graduates will face, the BBM program also seeks to instill social consciousness and innovation among its students, fostering a new generation of forward-thinking business leaders dedicated to advancing Nepal’s socioeconomic development.
  • Furthermore, the BBM program is committed to facilitating research and management development initiatives, enhancing the knowledge and skill set of both academic scholars and working managers. 
  • In pursuit of academic excellence, the program aims to establish collaborative partnerships with renowned business schools and universities worldwide, fostering a collaborative environment for the creation and execution of innovative programs that will shape the future of business education and practice.


BBM subjects:

ECO 203

Microeconomics for Business – 3 Cr

ENG 201

English I – 3 Cr

MGT 231Foundation Of Business Management – 3Cr
MTH 201
Business Mathematics I – 3Cr
SOC 203
Sociology for Business Management – 3Cr
ACC 201
Financial Accounting – 3 Cr
ECO 212

Microeconomics for Business – 2 Cr

Seminar on Contemporary Issues of Macro Economics – 1 Cr

ENG 212English II – 3Cr
MTH 212
Business Mathematics II – 3Cr
Leadership  and Organizational Behavior – 3Cr
PSY 201

Seminar on Leadership and Organizational Behavior – 1 Cr

ACC 202
Cost  and Management Accounting – 3 Cr
ENG 203
Business Communication – 3 Cr
FIN 206Fundamentals of Finance – 3 Cr
SOC 204
Nepalese History and Politics – 3 Cr
STT 201
Business Statistics – 3 Cr


MGT 234Legal Environment for Business in Nepal – 3 Cr
FIN 207
Financial Management – 3 Cr
PSY 202Psychology – 3 Cr
ACC 204Taxation and Auditing – 3 Cr
 RCH 201
Business Research Methods – 3 Cr
MKT 201Fundamentals of Marketing – 3 Cr
MGT 205Operations Management – 3 Cr
FIN 208Financial Market and Services – 3 Cr
IT 231IT and Application – 3 Cr
……….Focus Area Course I – 3 Cr
IT 232Database Management System – 3 Cr 
MGT 236Business Environment – 3 Cr 
MGT 237Entrepreneurship and Business Resource Mapping – 2 Cr 
MGT 238Practicum on Business Plan – 1 Cr 
………..Focus Area Course II – 3 Cr 
………..Elective Course I – 3 Cr
………..Focus Area Course III – 3 Cr
………..Focus Area Course IV – 3 Cr
IT 204E-commerce – 3 Cr
MGT 239
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance – 3 Cr
MGT 240   Strategic Management  – 3 Cr
Elective Course II – 3 Cr

Elective Course III – 3 Cr

Focus Area Course V – 3 Cr

Project Report Writing Or Internship with Report – 6 Cr

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Admission Criteria
  • Students seeking admission in Social Work must have secured at least D+ in all subjects in Grade 11 and Grade 12.
  • Passed + 2 or Intermediate or PCL from TU or from any other institution recognized by TU with a minimum of 45% marks.
  • Only those students who have passed the interview will be eligible for an admission

Admission Procedure


Why BBM at KMC? 

Selecting the right university-level program and study location is a pivotal decision, and at KMC, we recognize the complexities of this choice. To empower you in making an educated decision about your academic journey, KMC provides comprehensive insights. Here are several compelling reasons to opt for our BBM program:

  • Guidance from Visionary Professionals

Our program is spearheaded by a team of dedicated young professionals with rich industry experience, ensuring a curriculum that remains aligned with contemporary business trends.

  • Holistic and World-Class Learning Environment 

KMC offers an interdisciplinary approach to education, supported by top-notch infrastructure, fostering an environment conducive to holistic growth.

  • Practical Emphasis 

We place a strong emphasis on practical learning through immersive business case studies and interactive sessions, equipping you with hands-on skills.

  • Extensive Business Network 

Our robust business network and strong ties with industry leaders provide unparalleled opportunities for networking and placement prospects.

  • Established Reputation

KMC boasts a long-standing reputation within the market and the business community, assuring quality education and recognition among employers.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

Join a diverse student community that promotes the development of essential business leadership qualities, helping you thrive in a globalized world.

  • Job Market Readiness

Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to empower you to seamlessly transition into the job market immediately upon completing your studies, ensuring a smooth and successful start to your career. 


What is a BBM course in Nepal?

The Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) program offered by the Faculty of Management at Tribhuvan University is a newly introduced four-year course. Comprising eight semesters and totaling 120 credit hours, it serves as a strong foundation for future business leaders and managers. Graduates of this program are equipped with essential knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in the dynamic and competitive world of business. BBM is industry-focused, nurturing critical thinking, entrepreneurship, interpersonal, and leadership skills, thus opening up diverse job opportunities and fostering career development. It aims to produce proficient middle-level managerial professionals across various sectors.

Who is eligible for BBM in Nepal?

To enroll in the intermediate level of the BBM program, students are required to achieve a minimum score of 50%. It is important to note that the students’ background in their 10+2 education, whether it be in science, management, or humanities, does not impact their eligibility for admission, as long as they meet the other specified requirements. Additionally, prospective students must sit for the CMAT Entrance Examination conducted by TU and obtain a minimum score of 40%.


What is the scope of a BBM degree?

Upon successful completion of the BBM course, graduates open doors to a wide range of career opportunities. They can venture into roles such as Business Consultants, Business Management professionals, Business Researchers, Finance Managers, Human Resource Managers, Information Systems Managers, Management Accountants, Marketing Managers, Production Managers, and Research and Development Managers, among others. Moreover, they have the flexibility to explore careers in various sectors, including government and the private industry, spanning fields such as secretaryship, hospitality management, project management, human resource management, marketing, and many more.




How much does BBM cost in Nepal?

The fee structure for a BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) program in Nepal can vary significantly depending on the specific college or university you choose to enroll in. On average, the tuition fees typically fall within a range of Rs. 3,50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 for a full course. However, it’s crucial to note that these figures are not fixed and can change from one college to another. Colleges may set their own fee structures based on various factors, including their reputation, location, facilities, and program offerings. Therefore, prospective students are encouraged to research and compare the fee structures of different colleges to make an informed decision that aligns with their budget and academic goals.



What are the requirements for BBM in KMC?

Students seeking admission in Social Work must have secured at least D+ in all subjects in Grade 11 and Grade 12.

Passed + 2 or Intermediate or PCL from TU or from any other institution recognized by TU with a minimum of 45% marks.

Only those students who have passed the interview will be eligible for an admission.



Is CMAT necessary for BBM?

Admissions to the BBM program at Tribhuvan University (TU BBM) are determined solely by a merit-based selection process. The merit list is compiled using the following criteria: 60% of the candidate’s performance in the CMAT Entrance examination and 30% of the marks obtained in their 10+2 or equivalent qualification.