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Leadership & Management

Education is about developing leaders for the future.

What We're All About

KMC is a well-known name in the realm of intellectual and educational creation. Those who come here to learn, teach, work, research, and advance, join the community of students and educators with nearly two decades of history in search of truth, knowledge, and a better world.

Rameshwor Aryal

Message from BoD & CA Chairman

Kathmandu Model College, a journey that began with humble roots and has now blossomed into Nepal’s finest educational institution, honored with the prestigious recognition by the Government of Nepal as the Best College. Reflecting on our remarkable journey, it fills me with profound joy to witness how our college, which started with just a handful of students, has flourished into a beacon of academic excellence and innovation.

Mr. Rameshwor Aryal
Chairman (BoD & CA)

Message from Chairman

Welcome to The Kathmandu Model College, and thank you for your interest in this institution. KMC was established in 2000 in response to societal desire for higher education that will mix and highlight the finest of Nepalese and global cultures. The notion, which inspired many intellectuals and philosophers at the time, still holds true in todayโ€™s world, whose sustained growth is dependent on openness and variety.

Prof. Dr. Upendra Koiralaโ€‹
Upendra Koirala
Surendra Subedi

Message from College Chiefโ€‹

KMC embraces all students, regardless of their background, and it provides them meaningful engagement to create their own identity within the communities inside college that surround and support them by connecting with others who broaden their perspective.


Mr. Surendra Subediโ€‹
College Chiefโ€‹

CMC (College Management Committee)


Mr. Bishnu Pd. Sharma


Prof. Dr. Shreedhar Gautam

Rameshwor Aryal

Mr. Rameshwor Aryal


Prof. Dr. Devendra Pd. Shrestha


Associate Prof. Ajay Dhakal


Associate Prof. Kishor Gautam


Dr. Dhurba Bhattarai

Surendra Subedi

Mr. Surendra Subedi


Mr. Devi Raman Tiwari

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives

Gain academic excellence in higher education to create new knowledge by integrating research and innovation.


Mission Statement
Produce competent and qualified human resources with high level of professional skills, in-depth knowledge, and a positive attitude.


1. Promote sustainable institutional growth, efficiency, and profitability.
2. Boost up social personality and educational morale of students.

How We Started

Academic Excellence through Quality Education

As its motto ‘Academic Excellence through Quality Education’ it never compromise to provide quality education. It has given high priority to select excellent subject teachers, who not only can teach but also encourage students for betterment.

Kathmandu Model College (KMC) established in 2000 right in the heart of the capital city Bagbazar has carved out for itself an enviable niche at the summit of the best colleges in the country. KMC has earned its place of price through the vision and dedication of a team of academics and professionals who have promoted it, the skill of its panel of professors who possess cutting edge knowledge in their fields, and, above all, the brilliance of its students who have been consistently turning in sterling performance every year. KMC reaffirms its determination to build on the achievement of recent excellent performance in the form of 100% success in Humanities, Science and Management. The growing number of students every year, despite our selective approach to their admission into the college, reveals our popularity and reputation.

Our Organization Structure

Strategic Plan

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Operational Guideline

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Academic Team With Vision

Teaching Staff

KMC’s outstanding performance in diverse streams has been made possible by its qualified and competent teachers, cooperative administrative staffs, and KMC promoting team members. We also collaborate with many national and international institutions, as well as social and corporate sectors to help bridge the gap between academics and industry. 

Non Teaching Staff

Our International Relation

Our Partners

Qtec Learning Solutions-UK

In today’s world, so skills are important for learners of all age groups in order to better realize their full potential. QTEC Learning Solutions go beyond the prescribed classroom text books. Adhering to QCF Benchmarks, we ensure that learners are provided sufficient and relevant support and resources so that they will be able to attain their growth and development as individuals in multiple ways. QTEC learning solutions strive to offer the highest quality Soft Skills Qualifications by:

  • Developing programmes that are practical and relevant
  • Ensuring integrity in maintaining international quality standards
  • Supporting teachers to facilitate the growth and development of learners
  • Empowering learners in multiple ways so that they are able to maximize personal benefits out of our skilled programmes
  • Assessing learners using methods that will enable them to express their practical and transferable skills

Georgia Southwestern State University USA

Kathmandu Model College (KMC) affiliated to Tribhuvan University and Georgia Southwestern State University in the US has recently agreed to promote the cooperation and the advancement of academic and educational exchange between the two institutions. A MOU that has been signed to this effect includes among others provisions such as exchange of students, exchange of faculty or staff, special academic program and extend study abroad program.ย 

Mokpo National University, South Korea

KMC has been tied up with MOKPO NATIONAL UNIVERSITY for the exchange of students and teachers between two nations.

Tongren Polytechnic College, China

KMC has signed up with Tongren Polytechnic College, China for students exchange, faculty and expert exchange, joint research, mutual assistance and services, exchange of information and developments between two nations.

University of Missouri, USA

KMC has signed up with University of Missouri, USA which will encourage the exchange of faculty members for joint teaching and research programs.