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Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Study BCA (TU) In Kathmandu

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA), introduced by Tribhuvan University (TU) under the Humanities and Social Science faculties in the academic year 2074/2075, offers students a comprehensive understanding of computer applications, including programming and software development.

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a four-year degree in Nepal, focusing on application development and software development. Students can work in various fields like design, multimedia, network security, and system administration. The program involves programming languages, project development, and internships in IT industries. Core computer courses are similar, but the main focus is programming.

Many students prefer to pursue their BCA degree at Kathmandu Model College (KMC), recognized as one of the Best Private Colleges in Nepal. KMC provides a conducive learning environment with experienced faculty and innovative teaching methods, making it a top choice for BCA students.

At KMC, students enjoy access to top-notch facilities, including state-of-the-art computer labs equipped with the latest technology for hands-on learning. The college offers internship opportunities with leading IT companies, allowing students to gain real-world experience.

KMC’s commitment to excellence is evident in its faculty members, who are dedicated mentors guiding students toward success. With its focus on practical application and industry-relevant curriculum, KMC stands out as the premier choice for BCA education in Nepal.

Detailed course syllabus can be downloaded at

Program objective

  • Foster a comprehensive understanding of computer applications, encompassing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities essential for addressing challenges in the field of information technology.
  • Equip students with the necessary expertise to develop and implement innovative solutions in software development and programming.
  • Prepare graduates to adapt to the rapidly evolving technology landscape and stay alongside emerging trends in the IT industry.
  • Instill ethical values and professional integrity to guide students in their roles as responsible contributors to the IT community.

Academic Process

  • Minimum D* grade in each subject of grades 11 and 12 with a CGPA of 1.8 or more.
  • Minimum second division marks in 10+2, PCL, or equivalent in any discipline.
  • Students awaiting grade 12 results after completing grade 11 are also eligible to apply.
Entrance Examย 
  • Eligibility for the BCA program depends upon successfully passing the BCA Entrance Exam administered by TU FOHSS (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Tribhuvan University)
  • Candidates are required to attain a minimum passing score, typically around 40%, to qualify for admission.
  • Colleges may opt to conduct individual presentations and interviews to evaluate the suitability of candidates. Ultimately, the admission committee of each college retains the final authority in the final selection process for the BCA program.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Students seeking admission in Social Work must have secured at least D+ in all subjects in Grade 11 and Grade 12.
  2. Passed + 2 or Intermediate or PCL from TU or from any other institution recognized by TU with a minimum of 45% marks.
  3. Only those students who have passed the interview will be eligible for an admission.

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BCA Syllabus

Please find below a summary of subjects that are offered across the four semesters as part of the TU’s BCA program.

1Computer Fundamental and Application
2Digital Logic
3Society & Technology
4English I
5Math I
1Mathematics II (CAMT154)
2Microprocessor and Computer Architecture (CACS155)
3Financial Accounting (CAAC152)
4English II (CAEN153)
5C-Programming (CACS151)
1Data Structures and Algorithms (CACS201)
2System Analysis and Design (CACS203)
3OOP in Java (CACS204)
4Web Technology (CACS205)
5Prabability and Statistics (CAST202)
1Software Engineering (CACS253)
2Numerical Methods (CACS252)
3Operating System (CACO251)
4Database Management System (CAMT255)
5Scripting Language (CAEN254)
6Project I (CAPJ256)
1MIS and E-Business (CACS301)
2DotNet Technology (CACS302)
3Computer Networking (CACS303)
4Introduction to Management (CAMG304)
5Computer Graphics and Animation (CACS305)
1Mobile Programming (CACS351)
2Distributed System (CACS352)
3Applied Economics (CAEC353)
4Advanced Java Programming (CACS354)
5Network Programming (CACS355 )
6Project II (CAPJ356)
1Cyber Law and Professional Ethics (CACS401)
2Cloud Computing (CACS402)
3Internship (CAIN403)
4Elective I
5Elective II
1Operations Research (CAOR451)
2Project III (CAPJ452)
3Elective III
4Elective IV

BCA Academic Calendar

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2nd Sem 2024

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3rd Sem 2024

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4th Sem 2024

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5th Sem 2024

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6th Sem 2024

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7th Sem 2024

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8th Sem 2024

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BCA Fee Structure

The BCA program fee structure reflects its status as one of the newest courses, making it slightly more affordable compared to established programs like BBM and BBA. Due to its recent introduction, institutions may offer competitive pricing to attract prospective students. Additionally, fees vary according to the geographical location of the colleges, with urban centers often commanding higher tuition rates compared to rural areas. As such, students can expect the BCA program fees to be relatively lower, providing an accessible pathway to quality education in the field of computer applications.

BCA Scholarships

When it comes to providing scholarships to deserving students, KMC stands at the forefront. After thoroughly evaluating both your +2 marks and BCA entrance exam scores, KMC offers certain percentage-based discounts on tuition fees. Furthermore, achieving a full GPA in each semester entitles students to additional fee reductions. Additionally, opting to pay the entire fee upfront also unlocks further discounts, making quality education more accessible and rewarding at KMC.


Some of our facilities:

Why Study BCA at KMC?

Studying BCA at KMC, recognized as the Best TU Affiliated College in Nepal, presents an unparalleled opportunity for students seeking quality education and comprehensive career preparation. At KMC, emphasis is placed on nurturing students under the guidance of experienced faculty members who bring a wealth of knowledge and industry insights to the classroom. With a commitment to excellence in education, KMC ensures that students receive a holistic learning experience that goes beyond the curriculum.

As the Best BCA College TU Affiliated in Nepal, KMC stands out for its focus on providing practical exposure and placement opportunities to its students. Through internships, industry collaborations, and career development programs, KMC equips students with the skills and experience necessary to excel in the competitive field of computer applications. Moreover, the college’s strong network of alumni and industry connections enhances students’ prospects for securing lucrative job placements upon graduation.


Modern Computer Labs

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, KMC’s computer labs offer BCA students hands-on experience in programming, software development, and other vital skills. These advanced facilities allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges of the IT industry at the best BCA college in Kathmandu.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

The BCA program at KMC is designed to align with industry standards and trends, ensuring that students acquire relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills. With a curriculum crafted in consultation with industry experts, students graduate with a strong foundation in computer applications, making them highly sought-after by employers at the best BCA college in Kathmandu.

Experienced Facultyย 

KMC’s BCA program is led by experienced faculty members who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. These dedicated professors not only impart theoretical concepts but also share real-world insights and practical experiences, enriching the learning experience and preparing students for success in their careers at the best BCA college in Kathmandu.

Placement Opportunitiesย 

KMC provides ample placement opportunities for BCA students, with partnerships with reputed organizations and IT companies. Through internships and industry collaborations, students gain valuable work experience and networking opportunities, enhancing their employability and career prospects upon graduation from the best BCA college in Kathmandu.

Supportive Learning Environment

At KMC, BCA students benefit from a supportive learning environment that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation. With small class sizes and personalized attention from faculty, students receive the guidance and support they need to excel academically and professionally at the best BCA college in Kathmandu.

BCA Faculty Members

Respective faculty members:

Success Stories

Trusted by Thousand of Students and Tutors

โ€œFrom the start, I'd want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the KMC family. I'd want to thank everyone who has contributed significally to my success.โ€
Gokarna Karki (BBA, 2008/12 Batch)
Branch Manager, NMB Bank
โ€œFinding the appropriate road to success at the right moment is critical and I chose KMC for that purpose. Thankyou very much, KMCโ€
Maya Rai (BBA, 2008/12 Batch)
MD of Nepal Knotcraft Center
โ€œI never took anything for granted in life, I worked hard and accomplished everything from receiving a letter of excellence from KMC to establishing own clothing brand.โ€
Abhisek Khadgi (BBA, 2013/17 Batch)
Founder, Lalteen Store
โ€œMy experience at KMC Kathmandu was really unique and has encouraged me to explore and learn new things both personal and professional aspectsโ€
Sagar Kharel (BBA, 2013/17 Batch)
Academic coordinator, KMSS
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List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BCA stands for bachelorโ€™s in Computer Application. The primary subject area for this degree is the fundamentals of software development and computer applications.

Students who pursue a bachelorโ€™s degree in computer applications (BCA) will acquire knowledge and abilities in administration, organisation, and communication in addition to computer and information technology. Additionally, one learns programming languages like Java, C++, HML, SQL, and others.

The growing digital world proves the worth of any IT course. As for BCA graduates, a few career options include technical analyst, data scientist, web developer, digital marketer, software programmer, network administrator, and more. This course gives people a range of chances to advance and excel in their life in the IT industry.

Students from all streams of +2 can study BCA. All you have to do is pass the BCA entrance exam facilitated by TU FOHSS.ย 

Yes, you can study BCA from the arts stream. You have to pass a BCA entrance exam for admission, though

Yes, BCA opens opportunities for software developer roles at prestigious IT companies nationally and internationally.



A minimum of 2 GPA or D+ in each subject in +2 is required for the BCA program.

One of the most crucial topics included in BCA courses in mathematics. You will find things like differentiation, statistics, probability, limits, continuity, and more in the syllabus of BCA.

Students must have completed grades 11 and 12 with a minimum GPA of 2 or a minimum grade of D+ in each subject. Additionally, to be admitted to BCA, students must pass the entrance exam administered by TU FOHSS. Colleges also have you sit for an interview before providing the offer letter for admission.

BCA is a degree, while software engineer is a designation. If you are a BCA graduate with both technical and communication skills, you can be recruited as a software engineer or a software engineer trainee.

Programming languages, including C++ and JAVA, networking, computer fundamentals, multimedia systems, data structures, web-based application development, web design, and software engineering are just a few of the topics covered in the BCA curriculum. The course definitely involves coding.

KMC offers a top-notch BCA program recognized as the Best BCA College TU Affiliated in Nepal. With experienced faculty, an industry-relevant curriculum, and ample placement opportunities, KMC ensures students receive quality education and comprehensive career preparation.

KMC’s BCA program distinguishes itself with modern computer labs, an industry-relevant curriculum, experienced faculty, and a supportive learning environment. These factors collectively contribute to students’ academic and professional growth, making KMC the premier choice for BCA education.

KMC facilitates internships and job placements for BCA students through partnerships with reputed organizations and IT companies. Through these collaborations, students gain valuable work experience and networking opportunities, enhancing their employability and career prospects.

To enroll in KMC’s BCA program, students must successfully pass the BCA Entrance Exam administered by TU FOHSS. Additionally, colleges may conduct individual presentations and interviews as part of the admission process, with the final selection determined by the admission committee of each college.ย 

Yes, KMC provides scholarships to deserving BCA students based on their +2 marks and BCA entrance exam scores. Additionally, students who achieve a full GPA in each semester or choose to pay the entire fee upfront may qualify for further fee reductions, making quality education more accessible at KMC.

The list of top 10 BCA colleges in Nepal are as below:-

  • Kathmandu Model College (KMC)
  • Kathmandu University School of Engineering (KUSOED)
  • Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology (IOST)
  • Pokhara University, School of Engineering (PU-SoE)
  • Purbanchal University, School of Science and Technology (PU-SST)
  • Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT)
  • Kantipur City College (KCC)
  • Nepal Engineering College (NEC)
  • Prime College
  • St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar

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