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SQC (Student Quality Circle)

Student Quality Circle (SQC) is a small group of six to eight students from the same academic institution that meets once a week for an hour to discuss and solve problems relating to their educational activities.  SQC entails connecting students and transforming their learning and understanding of one another. Every student has an equal point of view and opinion. The foremost purpose is to meet and discuss educational quality concerns, challenges, and solutions on a daily basis.

Message from SQC coordinator

I believe that my knowledge, experience, and dedication, I could be exceptional SQC leader. I promise to support continuation of excellent learning enviroment at KMC, boost student’s engagement in the institution, and improve overall academic accomplishment.

Ms. Urusha Chalise
SQC Coordinator
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Ms. Chadani Shrestha

BBA Student
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Mr. Puspa Bogati

BBA Student
IMG_2497 (2)

Ms. Amita Pandey

BBA Student
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Ms. Anita Acharya

BBA Student
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Mr. Amit KC

BBA Student

Objective, Formation, Meeting & Duration of SQC


  • To ensure the contribution of students to enhance the quality of education
  • To assist the college administration to solve the issue and challenges in teaching-learning with an innovative suggestion an recommendation in relation to quality education. 


The SQC coordinator will be the female CR from the final year program, appointed by the college management committee. The members of the SQC will be the class representatives (CR) of all classes.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Create exchange knowledge and skills among each other on communication,learning capacity, use of technology, teamwork and leadership.
  • Analyze the faculty teaching-learning process and behavior and share the program director / college chief for the better of the student.
  • Provide observation and feedback on regularity, class time, use of academic calendar, course plan and lesson plan by the faculty to the program director /college chief.
  • Share problem in the teaching-learning process.
  • Provide observation and feedback staff behavior towards the student.
  • Discuss the corrective measure for students who are irregular, inactive and disturbing in the class.
  • Develop plan jointly with the Program Directors to help student who are achieving lower than normal in the internal examination.
  • Suggest the program director for the non-credit and credit course and program that are highly needed for the current market.
  • Share the challenges in the curriculum to the program directors.
  • The class CR as the part of SQC runs class in relation to support the student for holistic development in the leisure time or period.
  • Develop the list of book and reference materials demanded by the student to the Library Management Committee through program director / college chief.
  • Create new plan and activities for the student development.
  • Assign task to different students or group to ensure sense of responsibilities.
  • Maintain the meeting minutes in separate minutes book.
  • Provide the narrative and financial report in the prescribed format (Annex 20) with-in 15 days of new academic year.

Students code of Conducts

The students code of conducts applies to all KMC Students: 

  • The student shall care-fully read, understand and sign the code of conduct during the induction program. 
  • The student shall come to college wearing college’s uniform. 
  • The student shall wear a decent and formal dress in college function and program in request to wear other dress than uniform. 
  • The student shall enter the college within the given time and study in the college till the stipulated time. 
  • The Student shall maintain at least 85% attendance throughout the academic session. 
  • The Student shall enter the classroom five minutes before the class start-time. 
  • The student shall not leave the classroom during class hour without permission from the faculty. 
  • The student shall ask permission with faculty to leave classroom during class hour. 
  • The student shall share the dissatisfactions and complains in a dignified manner as per the Feedback & Grievance Handing Guideline. 
  • The student shall show respect to the faculty, staff, peer, junior and senior student of the college.
  • The student shall treat classmates with courtesy and respect.
  • The student shall respect diversity and inclusion and shall not bully any student and staff. 
  • The student shall respect and follow the rules and regulations of the college. 
  • The student shall show the identity card to enter the college and keep ID card with them during the time of stay in the college. 
  • The student shall not make noise in college premises, classrooms, lab and libraries, and to be disciplined. 
  • The student shall not enter the college consuming tobacco, smoke, drug, alcohol and other prohibited items. 
  • The student shall not carry or consume tobacco, smoke, drug, alcohol and other prohibited items in the college. 
  • The student shall not conduct any illegal, unlawful or sexual activity in the college.
  • The student shall not use/wear/carry valuable jewellery and electronic devices inside the college. The college shall not be accountable for any loss or damage. 
  • The student shall protect the physical property, equipment, tools etc. owned or operated by the college.
  • The student shall abide by the ICT Policy. The student shall organize a study tour, picnic, travel etc. only with the permission of the college.
  • The student shall receive approval from the Extra-Curricular, Co-curricular, Extension & Sports Unit (ECCCESU) to form any group, committee, association and organization. 
  • The student shall participate in program and events after the formal approval from College Chief and/or Program Director and/or Extra-Curricular, Co-curricular, Extension & Sports Unit (ECCCESU) and/or Counseling, Placement & Tracing Cell (CPTC). 
  • The student shall not write or post anything that damages the reputation of the college. 
  • The student shall not make any false statement about the college.  
  • The student shall take written approval from the Public Relation, Promotion and Communication Management Unit before any media interview and speech representing the college. 


(Education Management Information System) that is capable of providing sustainable technological assistance for enhancing the organizational capacity for improved technical-learning & information management system.

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