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Interested in BCA Course in Nepal? Here's is What you Need To Know

BCA refers to Bachelor in Computer Application which is a four year degree run by different universities of Nepal. It was first introduced by Purbanchal University in the year 1999. This course is an undergraduate degree course of Tribhuvan University (TU) since the year 2017.

This program consists of 120 credit hours. The core of the program, which makes up 71 credit hours, focuses on computer application subjects. Additionally, there are 9 credit hours dedicated to Mathematics and statistics, 12 credit hours for elective subjects, and 6 credit hours for language subjects. Alongside these courses, there are also 13 credit hours allocated for projects and internships.

bca course in nepal 

Bachelor in Computer Application is one of the popular courses among the students who are interested in the computer field. It focuses on computer-related topics. It provides great opportunities to the students who want to work in the IT sector as a programmer or software developer. The main focus of the BCA program is to develop manpower needed for the application area of the IT industry.

Overview of BCA Course in Nepal

Why To Study BCA ?

Studying a BCA degree offers valuable skills, practical experience, and numerous opportunities for growth and advancement. The BCA course is made for everyone, not just for students with a science background. Even if you’re from management or humanities, you can still join and pursue a career in IT through this course.

It leads to a multi-faceted career and provides a pathway to a rewarding career in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of information technology (IT). As the BCA program is recognized and valued globally, students can apply to a foreign university to continue their studies.

What Is The Scope Of A BCA In Nepal?

In Nepal,  a BCA degree offers a broad scope of opportunities in the rapidly growing field of information technology (IT). Here’s what BCA graduates can do:

  • Web Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information System
  • Government Sectors
  • Managing Databases
  • Graphic Designer
  • Network Specialist
  • Computer Scientist
  • Desktop Publisher
  • AI specialist
  • Entrepreneurship

Overall, a BCA degree in Nepal offers lots of chances for graduates to find good jobs, start businesses, or keep learning in the field of information technology.

Objectives Of BCA Course

The goals of the BCA course are to train students to become skilled professionals in computer applications. They’re taught to adapt to new technology and contribute effectively to the field, which is always evolving. There are many objectives of pursuing a BCA course. The list of objectives of BCA course are given below: 

  • Develop Technical Skills: Equip students with practical knowledge and technical skills in computer programming, software development, and IT systems.

  • Understanding Computer Applications: Provide a comprehensive understanding of various computer applications, including database management systems, web development, and networking.

  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Enhance problem-solving abilities and logical reasoning skills required for analyzing and solving complex IT-related problems.

  • Professional Competence: Foster professional competence by exposing students to real-world projects, internships, and industry-relevant practices.

  • Stay Updated with Technology: Keep students abreast of the latest advancements and trends in technology, ensuring they remain relevant and competitive in the IT industry.

  • Critical Thinking: Promote critical thinking and innovation in the development of software solutions and IT strategies.

  • Communication Skills: Develop effective communication skills, both oral and written, to facilitate collaboration and convey technical information clearly to stakeholders.

  • Ethical Practices: Instill ethical values and responsible conduct in the use of technology, emphasizing integrity, privacy, and security.

  • Adaptability: Prepare students to adapt to rapidly changing technology landscapes and evolving industry demands.

  • Foundation for Higher Education: Lay a strong foundation for further education and specialization in areas such as computer science, information technology, and related fields at the postgraduate level.

Admission And Eligibility Criteria For BCA

The admission and eligibility criteria for BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application) in Nepal may vary marginally depending on the university or college. Before applying to a BCA program, it’s important for students to read the rules and requirements of the colleges they’re interested in because these can be different for each college. The admission and eligibility criteria for BCA are given below:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • It is compulsory for students to complete 12 years of school from a recognized school or board.
  • Typically, candidates are expected to have secured a certain minimum percentage in their (10+2) examinations. The minimum percentage requirement is 45% or D+.
  • To be eligible for admission, students need to successfully pass the university entrance exams.
  • For A-level students, they need to have completed 3.5 credits and also have equivalence provided by NEB.
  • Students from Management, Science, and Humanities backgrounds can apply for this course if they meet the academic requirements mentioned above.

Admission Criteria:

    • Students are required to obtain and submit the admission form to the college of their choice. Typically, admission forms become available each year during the months of Bhadra/Ashoj.
    • Students need to fill out the application forms provided by the respective universities or colleges.
    • To pass the entrance exam and get into the program, students need to score at least 35% out of the total marks, which are usually 100%.

Fee Structure For BCA Course In Nepal

In Nepal, the tuition fees for Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) courses are regulated by the University boards. At Tribhuvan University’s (TU) component campuses, the cost of a 4-year BCA course is lower compared to other universities. Generally, in government colleges in Nepal, the cost of a BCA course ranges between NRP 3.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs.

However, there’s a significant difference in the cost between BCA degrees offered by private colleges associated with Tribhuvan University (TU) and those offered by other universities. At private colleges affiliated with TU, the cost of a 4-year BCA course is approximately NRP 7 lakhs.

The fee structure for BCA courses also varies depending on the college due to the nature of the program and the facilities provided by each institution. It is important for students to consider these factors when choosing a BCA program in Nepal.

Scholarships in BCA in Nepal

In Nepal, scholarships for BCA programs are available, although competition can be tough. Government colleges typically don’t offer scholarships due to lower fees and high competition. However, some private colleges may offer scholarships covering up to 100% of tuition fees. 

Final Thought

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course in Nepal is designed to equip students with foundational knowledge to apply technology in various industries and daily life, offering promising career prospects. With the increasing reliance on information technology worldwide, graduates with a BCA degree can find employment opportunities anywhere. This degree opens doors to diverse career paths, lucrative salaries, and global opportunities. 

Moreover, students can specialize in specific areas of computer science, participate in paid internships, and establish professional networks. Additionally, a BCA degree serves as a solid foundation for further studies and prepares graduates for industry roles. Consider applying in the BCA program at Krupanidhi Group of Institutions for excellent infrastructure, experienced faculty, and internship opportunities to kickstart a rewarding career in computer science and IT.

FAQs for BCA Course in Nepal

After completing their studies, graduates can work as software developers, web developers, system analysts, database administrators, network administrators, IT consultants, or software testers, among other roles.

The BCA course consists of 126 credit hours. It includes 71 credit hours of main computer application subjects, 12 credit hours of optional subjects, 9 credit hours of math and statistics subjects, and 6 credit hours of language subjects.

he core subjects are English, Mathematics and Science in BCA.

Tribhuvan University’s Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences now offers a new computer science degree called BCA. It is one of the best courses for those students who want to build their career in information technology.

The top BCA colleges in Nepal are listed below:


  • Kathmandu Model College (affiliated with TU)
  • Divya Gyan College (affiliated with TU)
  • Padmashree International College
  • Thames International College
  • Kathford International College
  • Kantipur City College (KCC)
  • Aryan School of Engineering and Management
  • National InfoTech College
  • National Academy of Science and Technology
  • Crimson College
  • Times International College
  • College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE)
  • Kathmandu College of Management and Information Technology (KCMIT)

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