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Examination and Administration Committee (EAC)

Message from EAC coordinator

At KMC, the examination system assesses students’ factual, conceptual, and global comprehension of the specified syllabus and curriculum. It not only examines an individualโ€™s knowledge, but also their capacity to interpret learning in their own language.ย  As the unit coordinator, I will make every effort to provide an environment in which students can continuously perform better, even under extreme pressure.


Ms. Amita Koirala
EAC Coordinator

Mr. Nishan Sharma


Mr. Pradeep Parajuli


Mr. Dhurba Prasad Timalsina


Objective, Formation, Meeting & Duration


  1. To execute the administration and operation of the college systematically.ย 
  2. To support the unit/committee, department, section, staff and student to be fully functional in their roles.ย 
  3. To support the college for the examination, result publication and result analysis.


Theย  EEC coordinator shall be or Admin personal or exam focal person of the college.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Operate the day-to-day internal administration of the college.
  • Formulate various educational, administrative, financial and other plans for the development of the college.ย 
  • Ensure that student, staff and faculty are abode by the rules and regulations, policy and guideline of the college.ย 
  • Track the student, staff and faculty violating the rule and regulations of the college.ย 
  • Develop plans for the periodic students’ evaluation through internal test and examination.ย 
  • Coordinate with Program director to develop question paper and examination criteria.ย 
  • Assign faculty members and staff to supervise the internal exam.ย 
  • Collect answer sheet and provide for the respective subject faculty to assess the students’ answer sheet.ย 
  • Collect the evaluation records from the faculty members in coordination with Program director based on attendance, engagement, assignment, test and examination.ย 
  • Publish the result of the student in coordination with PRPCMC.
  • Analysis the result of the student jointly with CPTC and Program Directors for the bridge course and remedial classes.ย 
  • Support student for the exam registration for the final exam, submit the details to Examination Board of the University.ย 
  • Update the record of the student who appeared in exam, expel in the exam, and absentees.ย 
  • Collect the final year result Published by the Tribhuvan University and support to circulate it with the student with the support of PRPCMC.
  • Collect the marksheet and transcript of the student and make available to the student.
  • Maintain the office copy of the question paper, answer sheet, result, mark sheet and transcription of the student.ย ย 
  • Hold a meeting with student, staff and faculty violating the rule and regulations of the college.ย 
  • Recommend the BoD for the corrective measure for the student, staff and faculty violating the rule and regulations repeatedly.ย 
  • Develop individual file record of the student, staff and student.ย 
  • Develop a monthly communication tree and update the contact records of the student, staff and faculty.ย 
  • Act as the liaison between/among the units and committees.
  • Provide hall, ICT equipment, and ICT materials for the student, staff and unit/committee for the meeting.ย 
  • Act in the role of different unit/committee in the time of need.ย 
  • Print and upload the notice and announcement after sign-off from the PRPCMC and College Chief.
  • Manage petty cash and daily purchase.ย 
  • Manage the daily-role of the Admin, Finance, Security, Fleet, and Operation of the college.ย 
  • Ensure that college is clean, doors are open in the morning and close in the evening, electricity or back-up is in place, water is adequate, and refreshment (tea, coffee, milk) are in place.ย 
  • Pay monthly bill of utility, rents, and ensure that payment for the any purchase is done in time.ย 
  • Conduct tasks that are not assigned to any unit, committee, council and cell.ย 
  • Maintain the meeting minutes in separate minutes book.ย 
  • Provide the narrative and financial report in the prescribed format (Annex 20) with-in 15 days of new academic year.ย 

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