KMC – Kathmandu Model College

Graduate Tracer Study 2022 Major Finding

Executive Summary

The KMC Tracer Study is aimed to assess the employment status of the graduates and gain an in-depth understanding of the relevance of academic courses in relation to the current market requirements. The overall objectives of the study focused on the employment and further study status of the graduates, issues related to the quality and relevance of the programs, the program’s contribution to the professional and personal development of the graduates, and issues related to teaching-learning activities, environment, and the physical facilities available in the college.


In the study, 140 respondents with 79 women and 61 men participated. Among these 82 students pursued BBA, 28 students pursued BBS 15 students pursued BA 6 students pursued MA, and 8 students pursued MBS from KMC. Among the 140 respondents, 100 students have completed their Graduate studies whereas 40 students have completed their undergraduate studies. Out of 140, respondents 126 were students who have earned their undergraduate degree from the college. Among such students, 86 students completed their master’s degrees. Out of 86 students only 5 of them joined KMC for their Master’s program whereas the other 81 others have joined other universities. 11 undergraduate students enrolled in other colleges to pursue a double bachelor whereas 29 students left their studies after their bachelor’s. Currently, 112 (around 80%) students are working and 28 (around 20% of students are studying).Β  Out of 140, only 105 have responded to their status in their current job. Around 27% of students are working as senior-level employees, 38 % are working as middle-level employees and 35% are working as operational-level employees.


In the survey, only 116 students responded to the relationship between their degree and their current job. Out of 116 respondents, 84% of graduates responded that their current job is related to the degree that they have pursued from KMC. 140 students responded to the question about the contribution of KMC to their personal and professional development, among which 82.8% of graduates responded that the program of study at KMC contributed to their personal and professional growth in improving different skills. 68.5% of students are satisfied that the program of study at KMC meets their professional requirements and around 59% of students are satisfied with the extra-curricular activities provided by KMC that contribute to their personal development. 70.7% of students are satisfied with the overall activities and tasks performed by KMC for student development.


Now, it seems necessary to identify new academic inputs as per the expectations and aspirations of the stakeholders. The college should think about adding new programs and developing internal audit systems of the college. The envisioned quality education with academic excellence can be achieved if colleges promote research-based, practical, and problem-solving teaching-learning activities. Teachers’ skills if enhanced through research and training and development facility bring better academic performance.