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Master of Arts in English in Nepal (MA English)

Embarking on a literary journey in Nepal, the MA in English program at Kathmandu Model College is a fascinating exploration of the world of literature. With supportive and dedicated faculty, the program goes beyond textbooks, encouraging hands-on engagement with various genres and critical theories. It’s not just about getting a degree; it’s a pathway to a future where your love for language can truly make a difference. The program opens doors to different opportunities, from research to real-world applications of your literary skills.

As you progress, you become part of a community that extends beyond the classroom. You connect with like-minded individuals, building relationships that last beyond your time at the college. The success stories of MA in English graduates show how the program can shape you for meaningful careers in various fields. It’s a simple yet transformative educational experience, where your passion for words is celebrated, and your journey in English literature begins.

Overview of MA English Programs

Significance and Objectives

The pursuit of an MA in English holds profound importance, not just academically but also professionally. It opens doors to a myriad of opportunities, equipping students with advanced skills in critical analysis, communication, and cultural understanding. MA programs are designed to provide a comprehensive exploration of literature, language, and literary theory.

Academic and Professional Opportunities

An MA in English extends beyond the confines of the classroom, offering a gateway to diverse career paths. Graduates find themselves well-equipped for roles in education, publishing, journalism, and even corporate communications. The program serves as a stepping stone for those aspiring to delve into research or pursue a doctorate in English.

Why MA English at KMC?

Kathmandu Model College (KMC) boasts a distinguished MA in English program characterised by a rigorous curriculum and a faculty of seasoned experts. The program is designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and a deep appreciation for literature. Dive into the distinctive features of the MA in English program at KMCFrom innovative teaching methods to a focus on practical applications of literary theory, students at KMC benefit from a holistic educational experience.

Admission Requirements for MA English

  • Students seeking admission in Social Work must have secured at least D+ in all subjects in Grade 11 and Grade 12.

  • Passed + 2 or Intermediate or PCL from TU or from any other institution recognized by TU with a minimum of 45% marks.

  • Only those students who have passed the interview will be eligible for admission

Specialisations and Syllabus and Books Prescribed

Masters in Art in English is a 2 years course divided into 4 semesters. For the syllabus designed and approved by Tribhuwan University (TU) and for the prescribed books, click the link below.
M.A. English Program Syllabus 

Diverse Career Opportunities

The MA in English program at KMC opens doors to diverse career opportunities. From academia to the corporate world, explore the myriad paths that graduates can tread.

Building a Literary Arsenal

Equip yourself with the essential readings and resources recommended for MA in English students at KMC. From classic literature to contemporary works, build a comprehensive literary arsenal. In conclusion, the MA in English program at Kathmandu Model College is not just an academic pursuit; it’s a transformative experience. Elevate your understanding of literature, hone your analytical skills, and embark on a journey that goes beyond the pages of textbooks.

FAQs for MA English in Nepal

Obviously, MA stands for Master in Arts. So not equal, an MA is itself a Master’s degree.

English is the only subject that deals with real-life events. It reflects society, history, theory and criticism.

Ofcourse, Studying English makes your demand high in the market. In every field, English language is necessary.

The English language holds numerous benefits, both on an individual and societal level, contributing to personal development, communication, and opportunities.

To join the MA in English, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject from any University around the world.

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