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Library Management Committee (LMC)

“Library is the heart of an institution.” 

                                                                   – Radhakrishnan

Message from LMC coordinator

Classroom-based education is no longer sufficient for today’s learning expectations. In this knowledge-based world, we are more interested in learning about topics that are closely related to our field of study or occupation. The library plays an essential role in broadening students’ knowledge and supporting them in improving their abilities and attaining success in this environment.

Dr. Durga Jung K.C.
LMC Coordinator

Mr. Surendra Subedi


Mr. Pusparaj Subedi


Ms. Goma Luitel


Objective, Formation, Meeting & Duration


  1. To develop reading culture in the faculties, students and staff of the college.
  2. To develop the library as a resource center for acquiring additional knowledge.
  3. To upgrade the library with the contextual needs and based on program college offers.
  4. To increase services and accessibility to the college library for teachers, students, staff and outside readers.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Develop annual library calendar of the college, defining the opening hours in teaching days, holiday, and exam days.
  • Collect the book request from the students, staff and faculties. 
  • Preparation and take lead for the procurement of the books annually.  
  • Focus on the procuring the reference books, journal and special edition materials. 
  • Coordination with the Procurement  & Finance Committee for allocation of minimum 1.5% total operating budget for library. 
  • Document and Manage the books and materials in the library 
  • Develop the professional development plan of the library staff. 
  • Facilitate the division of the library into different department in the organogram of the college.
  • Manage the availability to required training and mentoring for the library staff. 
  • Install necessary automated technologies in the library in the timely manner.
  • Upgrade the quality of filing racks, seating arrangements, space and setting of the Library. 
  • Establish relationship with libraries of other colleges and universities to share and/or loan materials & resources between each other. 
  • Display the services and catalogue of the library at easily availability to the library visitors.
  • Ensure the infrastructure and reading area are available to at-least one class at a time. 
  • Operate the library as a resource center of the Knowledge. 
  • Arrange library for one period of the week for each class in the class plan of the college. 
  • Ensure Circulation Services, Book Maintenance services, Reference / referral Service, Photocopy Services, Printing Services, Scan Services, Internet and Computer Services, E-Library, and Power Back-up Services in the library. 
  • Manage record of book issues, visitor records, access of online resources, book purchased, book damage and lost. 
  • Maintain the meeting minutes in separate minutes book. 
  • Provide the narrative and financial report in the prescribed format (Annex 20) with-in 15 days of new academic year. 

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