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Extra-Curricular, Co-curricular, Extension & Sports Unit (ECCCESU)

Message from ECCCESU coordinator

This unit extends education beyond the classroom and into the community. It puts into practice a scenario of a real-life situation and provides students with excellent opportunities to broaden their knowledge base. The knowledge and skills they obtain here will help them transcend many industries and have a positive influence on all they accomplish in life.

Mr. Dhurba Timalsina
ECCCESU Coordinator

Mr. Diwas Dahal


Muna Lamichhane


Mr. Nabin Pandey


Mr. Deep Baral


Objective, Formation, Meeting & Duration


  1. To promote the holistic development of the students by designing market driven course/capacity building programs.Β 
  2. To supplement teaching-learning process with credited and non-credited additional focused programs.
  3. Incubate students to develop as the dignified and socially accountable citizen of the Country.Β 
  4. To foster physical, mental, environmental and emotional health and well-being of the students and staffs.


Duties and Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Design the credited and non-credited programs and course in coordination with Program Directors to supplement the gaps of existing curriculum.Β 
  • Execute credited and non-credited programs and course in cost-recovery and self-sustainable model.
  • Identify and encourage students to participate in the different programs based on their skills, talent and interest.
  • Assess the learning outcomes and impact of the Execute credited and non-credited programs and course in coordination with IQAC.Β 
  • Ensure BoD designate one-person for the extension activity.
  • Adopt the community for the extension program of the College.Β 
  • Develop the annual extension program emphasizing the continual community transformation by transferring the skills earned by the students in the College.Β 
  • Encourage staff and faculty to take part in the extension activities and lobby with BoD to include it in the teacher performance appraisal.Β Β 
  • Formulate and implement annual plan of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to be conducted in the college.Β 
  • Locate local, national and international student development program, meets and competition; and ensure meaningful participate of the students.Β 
  • Formalize the MoU with sports academy / center and sport trainer to uphold physical education to the student and staff.
  • Manage the necessary materials for sports through the PFC and make arrangements for the storage of the purchased materials by documenting them.
  • Organize annual sports week and recognize the student with exceptional sports skills through financial aid and/or prize and/or certification.
  • Manage and facilitate to conduct at least one competition and/or events (debate, essay writing, poetry, singing, dance, discussion, quiz, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton etc.) every month in by preparing an annual plan.
  • Celebrate the occasion and event days such as Environment Day, Literacy Day, Constitution Day, Women Day, AIDS Day, etc.Β Β 
  • Impart sense of civic responsibility and moral education through mediation, yoga and motivational programs.
  • Organize events such as Blood Donation, Tree Plantation, Adult Literacy, Waste Management, Awareness Program, Community Development, Health Camps, Feeding Program and other social events in collaboration with GOs, NGO, INGOs, Private Organization, and other colleges, Club etc. by signing agreement and/or exchanging formal letters.Β 
  • Provide consultancy service based on the expertise of the students and staff of the college.
  • Plan and organize different program with Alumni Association.Β 
  • Reward students based on their performance in the extra curricular activities.Β 
  • Emphasis of the sharing college facilities and resources to external agencies.Β 
  • Keep the college clean, green and pollution free.Β 
  • Manage health desk for the primary health care facilities including the Sanitary Pad for female students and staff and sick room.Β 
  • In-place linkage for immediate tertiary health care facilities with Ambulance services in-case emergency.Β 
  • Conduct annual health check-up and screening of the students and staff and maintain the health records.Β 
  • Submit the events report to the College Chief after seven days of event completion.Β 
  • Maintain the meeting minutes in separate minutes book.Β 
  • Provide the narrative and financial report in the prescribed format (Annex 20) with-in 15 days of new academic year.Β 

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