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That morning he was at peace with the word; his attitude towards all mankind was one of the ben-envolences. Now you can barely forget the last minute of that little hour, which was prolonged to be the ecstasy of fear. The day which rose high on 25th April 2015 proved to be a horrible experience. I cannot forget the walls of my room tumbling, many families under panic, fear and intense anxiety.
We still dreamt of the new world, a decent world that would give us a better chance to think, do and feel. Yet, the rich world is smaller to run far than that of we wanted little and now we need little. All these details are suddenly not so attractive, but the revolting feature was beneath their unclean exterior earth suddenly perceived the moral inside the poisoned souls. Now you couldn’t help yourself being impressed by the magnitude rather than choice. Science and ideas which had given us abundance have now left us unwanted. You are pointless rather than smiling at the world whose lunar light is now fading with the rain.
It was an easy one, the hard part was only to clean afterward. Much history faded away in just one minute, many lives have departed in a second. Yet we have firmness in us. National and international hearts sealed with tragic upsprings. We neither had the ability nor the willpower necessary for the task we had to face out. If destiny wants us to make us, we will gain our own faith and happiness. The outlying frontier is still open to come, but the empire of our hopes is stronger that we can build castles beneath the sky, over our feet, that will never fall apart and break down like a mirror where the reflection is with humanity. Even though now our voices are reaching throughout the millions in the world; millions of despairing men, women, children. We still have the power to create a new world, a decent world that will manage to give us happiness which yells out for universal brotherhood, the nature.
Now, we have no option than – Redemption, Reconstruction and Recovery.


Simran Acharya is a student of 3rd semester, BBA at KMC

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