Mohan K.C is working as a Head of SME and Corporate Bank in NMB Bank. He has been part of NMB for 11 years and currently, NMB consists of more than 2000 staffs with about 183 branches. He joined NMB when there were less than 100 staffs, so he has very emotional attachment with NMB as he has also grown with the Bank, he has reached a substantial level in his career.

Mohan K.C graduated from Kathmandu Model College (KMC) in 2008 A.D as second batch of BBA of KMC. 

For undergraduate students like us, we always wonder what are we going to do when we start  working; we keep on asking our seniors and teachers that what should we do in the initial days and what challenges do we have to face in coming future? Similarly, when we asked him, he replied, everyone have to work from the office assistant level. In the initial days of his career, he also faced some difficulty just like every new staff. But now as he is working as head of SME, he still does faces  difficulty in terms of market and competition. What kind of product to develop,how to train the branch manager etc.

When we asked him, What is NMB giving to its customers that they can’t find anywhere else ? He replied, “Bank is a service industry so there is no product differentiation as banks sell money and customers mainly prefer good services, so NMB can satisfy its customers with better service as their work is done faster than any other banks.

While recalling the old days and his experiences in KMC, he recalls his trip to Darjeeling, the cricket tournament, which they won and he also recalls how actively they used to participate in different college activities. He sums up his overall KMC experience as an amazing journey.

Finally, his suggestion for Kmcians is that we should never bring negative thoughts, doubts and feelings. We should always take things positively and with optimism.
Whatever happens, Happens for good.

Honestly, his words are so inspiring because most of the people these days see things with high pessimism, and have become more judgmental without realizing that everything happens with a cause. So, I also believe that when we think positively then  only positive things are attracted to us and our mind also functions similarly.


  Grishma Rimal       
Sajana Pradhananga