As a graduate of KMC, you are one among thousands of alumni worldwide. This remarkable community is the foundation of our global reputation, and we are committed to celebrating your success, enriching the value of your degree at every stage of your career.

Our Community/Alumni

After graduating from KMC you automatically become part of our dynamic and talented alumni community. As an alumnus of this college, you can access the range of wide range of services alumni council of KMC provides, including lifelong learning, personal and professional development, events, and volunteer opportunities. A KMC alumnus community is made up of graduates engaged in diverse area of expertise. Our alumni have gone on to become leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, influencers, creators, and high achievers in their respective fields.  At KMC, we’re incredibly proud of our alumni community and we hope that our alumni will actively involve themselves in the life and growth of the KMC.