KMC Xpansion presents special session from the magic box; “KMC Xpansion Talk Series – Career In Insurance”.
KMC Xpansion (broadening our career horizon) is a packaged program customized with series of powerful sessions, developed to understand current scenario of market and required skills for our students before entering the market. KMC Xpansion will help participants to self assess their potential and guide them to attain required skills as well as right career mindset.
The objective of talk series – to educate and let students learn from Issue expert’s experience and also educate them on the future prospects of career opportunities in the provided domain (i.e. Career in Insurance).
The Issue Expert for the session will be Mr. Poshak Raj Paudel; CEO of Citizen Life Insurance and he also serves as General Secretary at Life Insurance Association Nepal.
The moderator for the talk series will be Ms. Asmita Sapkota; Senior Member of KMC Corporate Reach Out Team.

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