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Media Reachout Group

KMC Media Reachout Group is founded to enhance and implement marketing strategies by the students with align with various strategy of the college. This focuses on providing the benefit and opportunity to build network with the help of media and reach the target audience. This group is applicable to those who are mostly interesting in the field of marketing, network and implementing strategies. Media Reachout Group member will get the opportunity to engage in branding, promotion along with organizing events for the same. If you are interested do apply and be the part of it.

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How do we work?

  • Start-up Stage

    The start-up stage is the initial phase of starting a business. Processes like launching key business concepts, raising capital to prove your concept, starting product design, building and testing processes and establishing a maketing plan are the fundamentals.

  • Buils-up stage

    The build-up stage is the intermediary phase in which a business begins to experience momentum. Experiencing a slight increase in customer base and establishing a steadler flow of cash are features that typically characterize the build-up stage.

  • Build-out stage

    The build-out stage is the phase in which a business typically experiences measurable year-to-year growth. The solidification of systems and processes, diversification of products and geographical recognition are all factors which characterize the build-out stage.

  • Enterprise stage

    The enterprise stage is the phase in which a business reaches a highly sought-after level of maturity. National or international brand recognition, reduced costs, established employees, a steady influx of cash and a loyal customer base are all features.

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  • EnterpreneuHer

    August 20, 2021

  • Global Entrepreneurship Week

    August 20, 2021



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