MKT 511Marketing Management
ECO 512Managerial Economics
MSC 514Statistical Methods
MGT 515Organizational Behavior
MGT 519Managerial Communication
FIN   510Financial Management
MGT 513Human Resource Management
MSC 516Production and Operations Management
ACC 517Management Accountancy
MGT 518Business Environment
ACC 519Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control
MSC 521Research Methodology
MGT 522 International Business
MGT 523Strategic Management
MGT 524Entrepreneurship
Finance (Choose Three Subjects Only)
FIN 650Asset Management
FIN 651Capital Structure Management
FIN 652Working Capital Management
FIN 653Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
FIN 654Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 655International Financial Management
FIN 656Financial Derivatives and Market
Marketing  (Choose Three Subjects Only)
MKT 657Consumer Behavior
MKT 658International Marketing
MKT 659Brand Management
MKT 660Sales Management
MKT 661Retail Management
MKT 663Services Marketing
Accountancy  (Choose Three Subjects Only)
ACC 672Corporate Taxation
ACC 673Cost Management
ACC 674Contemporary Auditing
Acc 676                    Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting
ACC 677                    Management Control System