Tribhuvan University has implement semester system in MBS program. it is a two-year program consisting of four semesters and 63 credit hours. the program comprises of three different course components (1) Core Courses (2) Specialization Courses (3) Thesis Writing. The program focuses on equipping students with conceptual knowledge if business and management and familiarize the business environment. it intends to enhance individual’s entrepreneurial skills to enhance entrepreneurial skills and encourage them to conduct real research.
students will be evaluated on two components: in-semester evaluation and semester end examination.
In-Semesters examination: Evaluation will be based on the student’s performance in case analysis, presentations, assignment, term paper etc. In-semester evaluation carries a weight of 40% in each subject.
Students need to fulfill the following criteria in order to attain the final examination
– Should have 80% attendance
– Obtain 40% Marks in internal examination
In the fourth semester, students need to do the original research and write the thesis on the basis of the research.