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Understanding MBS Scope In Nepal For Future Prospects

Now that you’ve wrapped up your Bachelor’s degree, what’s next? Ever thought about diving into the job market or taking your education a step further? Let’s talk about MBS scope in Nepal. MBS can help you obtain real-world experience, improve your abilities, develop your leadership potential, and open doors to exciting professions.

Understanding MBS Scope In Nepal For Future Prospects

How Will MBS In KMC Get You Hired?

MBS in KMC helps you to develop following skills:

  • Leadership: MBS is a useful method to get ready if you want to become a well-rounded business manager. MBS programs syllabus place a high priority on imparting managerial and leadership skills to students to equip them to succeed as leaders.
  • Cross-Cultural Skills: Employers want their employees to understand different cultures and people. This will help the company to run smoothly and effectively. The students of different places study together and develop a sense of mutual respect and acceptance while doing MBS in KMC.
  • Technical skills: Students can learn to create and analyze financial statements. They will be able to draw up marketing strategies based on key performance indicators, understand supply chain management and streamline processes for the creation of value. If they join MBS in the KMC, they will be able to collect, process and analyze data using statistical techniques for making business decisions.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Students can acquire skills for every step of your entrepreneurial journey, from spotting market opportunities, gathering market data, developing a creative idea, to managing investor relations, managing a staff, and running a company.

Average Salary

MBS graduates have high scope in all industries because they have to study marketing, international business, HRM, supply chain management, information technology, finance, banking, and entrepreneurship as specialization or foundation course.

Factors like university admission, academic performance, career profile, skills, etc. can affect the salary structure. Starting MBS pay in Nepal is about NPR 3 lakh annually, which is a decent pay. The salary of MBS in Nepal might go up to NPR 1 Lakh per month and beyond as you gain more experience and skills.

IT Sector

KMC’s MBS offers a unique blend of IT and business management courses. The full course covers many topics, including business application, ICT, e-business, marketing, finance, and computing.

Government Sector

Students can explore MBS scope by giving lok sewa and joining government institutions like government banks, Social security fund etc. After acquiring an MBS, some of the most desirable positions in the public sector are management trainee in PSUs, marketing and personal officer, manager in any bank, or office.

HR Sector

A career in human resource management is perfect for you if you’re good at talking to people and organizing things. Every company needs good recruiters to find the right people for various jobs. You will learn how culture, money and social factors can affect the working relationship between workers and employers in this job.


MBS programs of KMC include digital marketing, so graduates are well-versed in the techniques used in online marketing. Graduates of MBS programs can get work as social media managers to advertise businesses online. They are qualified to undertake the job of brand manager within the organization as they know how to create and maintain a brand’s identity, which is important for building a strong market position.

Work Profiles


MBS at KMC develops the innovation, strategic thinking, and business acumen required for starting and running businesses. MBS programs give entrepreneurs the knowledge and skills in leadership, market analysis, and finance that they need to reduce risks, make sound choices, and create strong business plans.

Financial Manager

Financial managers are responsible for the whole operation of a company’s finances. Financial managers are also responsible for the preparation of financial budgets and procedures, not only with regard to cash and investment activities. Other tasks include assisting an enterprise to achieve its financial objectives, assessing financial transactions, completing the process of mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Product Manager

Product managers will work with the development, marketing, finance, and customer support teams to create and introduce new products and systems to the market. They deliver solution with the help of the technical team and understands wants of the client.

Marketing Manager

MBS in marketing helps experts to make smart plans to grow businesses, keep customers happy, and attract new ones. These marketing professionals with creative ideas and business knowledge help businesses stand out from the competition. They help businesses to maximize their market shares and stay in front of the competition.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers are experts who advise large businesses, governments, and organizations on matters of strategy and finances in relation to mergers and acquisitions. They also help in raising capital in the capital markets.

Life After MBS In KMC: Future Scope

After completing MBS, many people are choosing to take more courses to improve their career prospects in the competitive job market. Here are some courses that MBS graduates of KMC can take for their career development:

  • PhD in Management: Many students choose to pursue a PhD after getting MBS degree. The course duration varies with the research topic and supervisors’ directions. However, the average duration to complete PhD courses ranges from 3 to 5years. You can take specializations in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource management, and
  • Certificate programme in Business Analytics: CBA is a 6-12monthslongcoursethat is offered for students who are interested in business with the application of business analytics. Students can be data analysts, IT business analysts, marketing managers, etc. after completion of CBA program. The course costs roughly one lakh.
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification program covers investment management, portfolio management, and financial analysis. The course consists of three levels over a period of 1.5 years. Candidates who complete the CFA programme have a good chance of being hired as auditors, financial advisors, corporate finance analysts, risk managers.

So, there are a lot of job opportunities when you finish MBS at KMC in Nepal. You’re free to do things like starting a business, working in finance, marketing or other fields.

This program also teaches leadership and practical skills. The pay’s good, and it shows the value of MBS graduates to companies. If you want to learn more or get better at something, you can take extra courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting MBS pay in Nepal is about NPR 3 lakh annually, which is a decent pay. The
salary of MBS in Nepal might go up to NPR 1 Lakh per month and beyond as thye
gain more experience and skills.

MBS is affordable and provides all skills required to develop career of students.

After completion of the MBS students can get jobs as a finance manager, product
manager, marketing manager, investment banker, human resources manager and so

Investment banking is the one of the highest MBS salary in Nepal. MBS graduates
who want to take this career path should choose their courses with a financial

You can pursue Phd. in Management, Certificate programme in Business Analytics,
CFA, project management courses and many more to sharpen your skills.

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