ENGL 551.1 Foundation of Literary Studies
ENGL 552 Academic Writing-I
ENGL 553 Literary Criticism
ENGL 554.1 Ideas and Themes in Poetry
ENGL 555.1 Themes and Trends in Fiction
ENGL 556 History of British and American Literature
ENGL 557 Critical Stylistics
ENGL 5558 Modern and Contemporary Literary Theory
Electives(Any two courses)
ENGL 559 Postcolonial Studies
ENGL 560Travel Writing
ENGL 561 Non-fiction
ENGL 562Literature of War, Conflict and Trauma
ENGL 563 Media Studies
ENGL 564  Environmental Literature and Criticism
ENGL 565 Children’s Literature
ENGL 566 British and American Drama
ENGL 567  Ideas and Themes in Contemporary Poetry
ENGL 568 Academic Writing- II
Electives(Any two courses)
ENGL 569 Nepal Studies
ENGL 570 South Asian Studies
ENGL 57119th Century Studies
ENGL 572 Modernist Studies
ENGL 573 Gender and Masculinity Studies
ENGL 574  Life Writing and Autobiography
ENGL 575 Literature and History
ENGL 576 Translation Studies
ENGL 577 Experimental Fiction
ENGL 578 Cultural Studies
ENGL 579Language and Communication
Electives(Any two courses)
ENGL 580 Postmodernist Studies
ENGL 581Performance and Theatre Studies
ENGL 582 Single Author
ENGL 583 Thesis Writing
ENGL 584 Economics and Literature
ENGL 585 Interpersonal Communications
ENGL 586 English Language Teaching (ELT)