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KMC Explorer 2022

KMC Explorer: it’s a group activity conducted for us 1st sem students so that we get to know each other, cooperate and show what a good teamwork looks like
More than that it also gave us a chance to explore KMC the place where we are about to start our dream and a place where we will be able to find our true selves and also a place where we will be able to design our future.
You may consider attending university to be a way to leverage promising careers or prospects but university is also a unique opportunity where you can look at yourself and think about how you can benefit and grow personally from the experience. It’s where you know that it’s not always about the world that’s inside of the textbooks we read but a world outside of it, it’s not about being perfect but about the efforts we put into it… it’s a place where people interact with each other to forge new friendships and create memories that last forever’s the laughter we share together and the experience that we take from it. it’s to use each and every interaction of yours to be the best and the most powerful version of yourself.
We believe that KMC is a small investment we made for a promising future.

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