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It’s okay to be an introvert. I always admired those who spoke their minds confidently, a skill I felt I lacked due to my introverted nature. Before expressing myself, I often questioned if it was the right thing to do. This hesitation caused missed opportunities, but I’ve learned that embracing my introversion is perfectly fine. And I knew that was the main reason why I was one step behind. Being an introvert can be challenging at times.

I find it challenging to connect with others while engaging in face-to-face networking or in seeking out mentorship, both of which are activities needed to help achieve one’s career goals. I wanted a change. And for that, I was aware that I had to step out of my comfort zone. But I had no idea how. Growing up, I was taught to participate and speak in front of the crowd to be more liked by the people. But being an introvert that was a very hard standard to be fulfilled.

We do live in an extroverted society. I didn’t know what was more frustrating, being called a nerd for not being able to communicate or not being able to present my views and feeling useless about myself. So I tried every method to escape this. But in the journey of bringing a change in my life, I realized the truth. Being an introvert was not the problem, but constantly trying to fulfill these social standards and losing my self-confidence was the problem. Sometimes it’s okay to be one step behind.

It is okay to take your time and to go slow. If I thought that being an introvert was the worst thing, I could never be truly happy about myself. And yes, I did make a change. I accepted my true self, and now I feel like I have been growing a little more self-confident. Rather than the big ones, I am starting with some small steps.

Susan Cain has said, “Don’t think introversion as something that needs to be cured.”

Being an introvert doesn’t stop you from being bold. It’s not something has needs to be changed or solved. Because everyone is different and that difference is something that makes us unique and powerful.

Samridhdi Sthapit is a student of 1st semester, BCA at KMC

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