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BSW Syllabus In Nepal: Key Topics And Course Details (2024)

BSW is a bachelor’s level social work course that provides a current understanding of essential social work ideas and strategies. Kathmandu University began offering a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work in 1996 at St. Xavier College, while Tribhuvan University began offering a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Rural Development (BASWRD) with two major social work disciplines in 1997 at the Padmakanya Campus.

This course, also known as the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW), focuses on today’s societal concerns such as poverty, homelessness, social rehabilitation, mental health, education, girl trafficking, families, and youth.

bsw syllabus in nepal

The BSW course in Nepal offers students the fundamentals of sociology, preparing them to be social workers by allowing them to analyze social interactions, social stratification, and social issues.

Depending on the college, this course costs between NPR 2 and 6 lakhs. The BSW curriculum was initially three years long, but a four-year BSW course was implemented a few years ago.

Objectives Of The BSW:

Social work is a career that focuses on assisting people, families, groups, and communities to improve their personal and communal well-being. It attempts to assist people in developing their skills and abilities to solve problems using their own and the community’s resources. The five objectives of BSW are

  1. Understanding the fundamental concepts of social work, including principles, methodology, and practice,.
  2. Conduct research to discover the community’s challenges and potential solutions.
  3. Developing the ability to recognize important societal problems within their context.
  4. Managing and employing the service system to address the issue among the impacted individuals.
  5. Developing self-awareness of one’s abilities to respond to challenging situations.

Is BSW worth it? (Pros and Cons):


When selecting whether to pursue a degree or a job journey, you have to consider the benefits and drawbacks. Weighing the pros and cons can help you make a knowledgeable choice based on what is most important to you. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this degree and discuss the main reasons why a BSW is worthwhile.

Pros of BSW In Nepal:

  1. Long-term job security: The need for social workers continues to rise for a variety of reasons. Earning a BSW will qualify you for a variety of careers. The majority of social worker positions are at facilities or organizations that offer good long-term career opportunities. If you’re searching for work security, acquiring a BSW may be beneficial. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, social worker positions are predicted to grow by 9% between 2021 and 2031, higher than the average for all other occupations.
  • Diversity of job opportunities: One of the most compelling reasons for studying a BSW is the wide range of employment options available. You can work as a healthcare technician, social worker, judicial officer, or mental health assistant. Other employment prospects include director of non-profits dedicated to community transformation, case manager, community outreach worker, youth worker, program coordinator, or group home worker.
  • You can influence change in your community: Social workers fight for change in their communities by protecting individuals’ rights and ensuring that everyone has access to services that meet their needs. You may utilize your expertise and talents to encourage improvements in your community that will benefit the people you serve.
  • Job placement is typically easy: Because of the huge demand for social worker services, the chances of getting a job fast are high. Indeed, many BSW students obtain job offers while completing the field experience component of their BSW degrees.
  • You will impact others: As a social worker, you may influence your community and improve the well-being of its members by offering hope and giving voice to hidden injustices, such as advocating for child neglect or assault.

Cons Of BSW In Nepal:

  1. Workload may be heavy: It is fairly unusual for social workers to have high heavy loads. In addition to working on several cases, social workers must keep accurate records, which includes spending time completing the necessary paperwork for each case. Going from one client’s house to another, attending court or other essential appointments, or dealing with several clients and families can be exhausting. For some people, this is one of the primary reasons they believe a BSW degree is not valuable.
  2. Social work can be emotionally draining: The foundation of social work is to help others, which can be stressful. To avoid burnout, social workers must maintain a healthy work-life balance. If you lack balance, it can have a negative influence on your emotional and physical health, as well as your relationships.
  3. You will rarely see immediate results: As a BSW graduate, you are a voice for change. You will assist individuals, families, and communities in need. One of the most irritating aspects of social work is that it generally takes time to see the results of your efforts.
  4. Social worker’s schedules can be chaotic: Some social work positions demand you to work irregular hours, holidays, or weekends. Depending on your employment, you may be required to alternate on-call schedules and be available for emergency visits at night.
  5. You may be exposed to a dangerous environment: As a social worker, you may encounter unpleasant work settings. Some social workers work in jails, group homes, or alternative schools, where tensions can rise to the point of violence. You may be required to make house visits to check on youngsters or elderly clients, and depending on the circumstances, their family or caretakers may become angry, making the situation unsafe for you. In these instances, it is reasonable that you believe obtaining a BSW is not worthwhile.

Who Can Study BSW In Nepal?

After verifying the eligibility conditions, anybody can apply for a Bachelor of Social Work. Students must pass the intermediate or PCL level with a minimum grade of D+ or 45%. 

Scope of BSW In Nepal:

BSW graduates can work in both the government and non-government sectors. This consists of a variety of occupations, such as: 

  1. Media sectors: TV, Radio, News agency
  2. Academic institutions: schools, colleges and universities
  3. Research institutions and consultancies
  4. Government Organizations / INGOs
  5. Commercial institution
  6. Public Service Commission
  8. UN agencies

In the social work sector, you can work for child welfare organizations, aging services, human rights organizations, developmental sectors, ageing services, criminal justice agencies, nursing homes, women development organizations, substance abuse, counseling centers, state and local governments, disability centers, and other welfare and humanitarian sectors.

After earning a Bachelor of Social Work in Nepal, you can find entry-level positions in various disciplines and eventually advance. The basic BSW pay in Nepal ranges from NPR 15 to NPR 30 thousand per month. 

You can also pursue further degrees and specialize in fields such as:

  1. Master of Social Work (MSW) 
  2. Master in Counseling
  3. Master of Childhood Development
  4. Master of Psychology

BSW syllabus In Nepal (TU):

We have provided data on BSW courses in Nepal for those who are curious about BSW subjects in Nepal.



Code No. 

Title of Course

Full Marks


SW 421

Introduction to Social Work




Basic Sociology for Social Work


Second Year:


Code No. 

Title of Course

Full Marks


SW 423

Basic Psychology for Social Work



SW 424A

A Social Case Work Practice


SW 424B

Social Work Practice with Groups


Third Year:


Code No. 

Title of Course

Full Marks


SW 425

Social Issues and Leadership Development



SW 410

Social Issues and Leadership Development




Code No. 

Title of Course

Full Marks


SW 426

Theoretical Ideologies of Social Work



SW 427

Social Problems, Identifications and 100 Required Interventions


BSW Fee Structure And Scholarship in Nepal:


The tuition price for a Bachelor of Social Work in Nepal is between NPR 2 lakhs and 6 lakhs. Scholarships for BSW are available depending on the college and university (TU/Purbanchal University/Kathmandu University). These are the scholarships for BSW in Nepal:

  1. Chairman’s Merit Scholarship award
  2. Thames Need-Based Scholarship Award
  3. Tribhuvan University need-based scholarship

Admission process For BSW in Nepal:

  1. Apply online
  2. Pay the application fees
  3. Appear on the written test conducted by the college (this is optional and may not occur in every college)
  4. Attend the interview
  5. Accept the offer letter
  6. Pay the admission fees

BSW colleges in Nepal:

Here are listed the top government colleges that are affiliated with TU/PU and private colleges.

List of government colleges:
  1. Patan multiple campus
  2. Tri-Chandra multiple campus
  3. Damak multiple campus
  4. Khowpa College
  5. GP Koirala Memorial College.

List of private colleges affiliated with TU:

  1. Premier college
  2. Kathmandu Model College
  3. Thames International College
  4. Golden Gate International College
  5. Texas International College
  6. Trinity International College
  7. Himalaya College
  8. Campion College
  9. Orchid International College

Other BSW colleges in Nepal are

  1. St. Xavier College, – Affiliated with Kathmandu University
  2. Kadambari Memorial College – affiliated with Purbanchal University
  3. Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus – affiliated with Purbanchal University

BSW Evaluation:

The evaluation of a Bachelor in Social Work is divided into two parts, which are internal (30%) and external (70%).

The internal evaluations in BSW are:

  1. Class Attendance (5 marks)
  2. Class participation, discussion and presentation (5 marks)
  3. Assignment (10 marks)
  4. Class test (writing)- 10 marks

The external evaluations in BSw are:

  1. The external exam for theoretical courses is conducted by the Controller of Examinations at Tribhuvan University.
  2. The Department of Social Work (TU) coordinates the external evaluation of practical topics and fieldwork at the departmental or campus level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

BSW graduates can also work in family service agencies, child welfare groups, nursing homes, hospices, drug addiction programs, aged care facilities, criminal justice agencies, schools, and other social welfare-related sectors.

The tuition price for a Bachelor of Social Work in Nepal is between NPR 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs. There are scholarships for BSW available at several colleges and universities (TU/Purbanchal University/Kathmandu University).

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work is a four-year academic degree offered by Tribhuvan University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The primary goal of this program is to train generalist social workers to meet the needs of modern Nepal and the world.

The key courses covered in BSW are English, Social Science, Social Work Administration, Life Skills, Health and Nutrition, Disability Awareness, Education, and Development.

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