The BA [Bachelors of Arts] program under the faculty of Humanities and Social Science at KMC encourages students to study the courses as Major English, Rural Development, Sociology, Mass Communication, Journalism, Psychology, Economics, etc. The BASW [Bachelor’s in Arts in Social Work] program of KMC is a renowned program where students have the access to broader area of knowledge related to human society and social services. The separate department of Social Work at KMC organizes different programs related to social service and motivates students for report writing, presentation, group discussion on relevant contemporary issues as per the curriculum. The supervisors under this department guide and motivate the students so that they will be competent not only in social sectors but also in the proposal and report writing. The SOCIAL WORK program of KMC, precisely speaking, is the brand as a whole. We are always devoted to motivate students to be competent in the area of civil services as well. We often conduct different workshops for the students so that the students can prepare themselves to cope with the different areas of social services, civil services, NGOs and INGOs . We make our students to be well prepared with the contemporary social, political, economic, cultural, psychological issues prevailing in and outside the country.