While talking with our alumni we got to interview Sabin Bhandari, who is currently living in U.K, London. He is working as a Senior Manager at HSBC U.K Bank. He is a student of Kathmandu Model College batch (2008-2012). Being a enthusiastic student in his college life, he became a workaholic guy in foreign Land.

Sometimes we might get anxiety about failing, but we have to push ourselves up to keep going after all, we never know how close we are to succeeding. Never tired of hard work, Sabin has also done his high school from Kathmandu Model College. After his bachelors he flew to U.K. following his dream and started working there. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them, in which Sabin believes. Like every Nepali in Foreign Land he also faced some difficulty in the initial days and started working in a cafeteria, slowly with time he applied in a bank and got job there, he started from the lowest level and with his hard work and dedication he is working as a Senior Manager. Along with that as the system is different in UK then in Nepal, as most of the works are done digitally so, it was also difficult for him to cope with that as well, but he made up to being a Senior Manager.

Being thankful to every thing that happens in our life is necessary because it is all experience. And experience gives us best memories in life either it is good or bad, we learn lots of things from our experience. So, while recalling old days his overall experience in KMC was excellent. He remembers his friends, and professors. Also, he remembers his tour to Sikkim and Pokhara where they created lots of memories.

Life is short and the world is wide to discover new things travelling is necessary and his best hobby is travelling.
Finally, his suggestion for Kmcians is, “Don’t just focus on theoretical based knowledge, explore new things try to develop practical based knowledge, and try until you reach your goal don’t give up”.

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