Kabi Phuyal who believed in himself to be as a leader, influence youth to pursue their dreams and desire. He is the former Chief Executive Officer(CEO) at IME life insurance and foretime chief marketing officer(CMO)for Citizen life insurance. He is an alumni of Kathmandu model college batch (2001-2005). Being as a finance specialized undergraduate BBA student, he placed as an intern in Laxmi bank for around 3 months. During those months, he realized to contribute his career in the sector of finance and insurance. He believed in learning and exploring with all the opportunity you acquired in any possibilities. He assumes to invest in yourself for future profit, whereby he multiplies his area of interest to get well known with the world economics and engaged with social media.
Diversified his mentality with the state of mind, that this would elevate his way of understanding -think like an important part of learning to address your knowing and unknowing.
In 2005, Going through the economic reviews he addressed that 45% bank penetration and less than 2% of insurance penetration. Aftermath, he realized own curiosity to the study of insurance. In addition, he worked with prime life insurance.
A person who is self-motivated, think in progress, work as being resourceful, with a high level of energy within himself. He argues that a person with the purpose in their life have a meaningful way to learn, live along with healthy usage of time, effort and attitude. He mentioned a person should neither overestimate nor underestimate their power of learning behavior with all the risk and uncertainties that come with their career pathway. Always think one step ahead before you move your footsteps.

He answered how Kathmandu model college benefited him to grow and get influenced as a leader with different community heads during the days. Kathmandu Model college enhanced his skill and knowledge to understand the fact of adaptation and customization for their growth and development. He referred Kathmandu model college that this had become a platform to embrace his unknown leadership ability, find away facing numerous challenges in his journey. His message to all the student persuading Bachelor’s degree in Kathmandu model college i.e. every simple contribution that you make around you should be joyful. Never give up on your dreams, be passionate on your doing. This is the time to signal your strength with the simple thing you do. Be mentally, physically and emotionally strong to enhance your path of learning and be consistent. Always explore yourself to experience beyond your expectation.

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