Let’s revisit memories from a few of our recent alumni.Mr.Ashim Neupane, strategic Manager for Asian Institution of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok,Thailand. He was the former Investment Analyst at AIT as well. He is an alumnus of Kathmandu modelcollege batch (2008-2012).Starting from the young age Ashim Neupane describes his journey as a full of struggles and fun alike. Not all dreams become a reality, but when they do, they break all the stereotypes and prejudices connected with them. Instead, they make their own rules and go along their own way. Such is the case with Ashim Neupane, who dreamed to be a Data Scientist.

Never tired of trying and hard work is also a Kmcians, he is a KMC graduate. He has done both his high school and college from KMC. After his bachelors he went to Thailand for his higher studies and did Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in finance and immediately after his Masters he got his job there.

When we asked him besides work what is his passion he replied, His hobby is photography and trek, along with that he is always readyto try new dishes. While, recalling old days when we asked about his overall experience in KMC, he said it was excellent. He was a studious guy and wanted to get very good GPA. He also remembered his friends and professors. Unlike every Kmcians he was never interested in BBA cup and had never participated in it. Rather, he remembered his tour to Sikkim as for every Kmcians, college tour has created a lot of memories.

Finally, his suggestion for Kmcians is that don’t just focus on theoretical knowledge, do focus on skill based and practical based knowledge as well.

Talking with him we also felt that, our education system should be more focused into practical and skilled based teaching because we learn things more quickly when we practically do it.

So, when we asked him how does he manages his time from his busy schedule then he replied, you have 24 hours in a day and managing just an hour is not difficult. So, when people say they are busy then they are just lying.

Honestly, this is very relatable because most of us can do random things but we don’t have time for our friends and family and that’s questionable!

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