Human capital of KMC consists of diversified team of full-time & part time faculty with academic reputation that can be considered as excellent among private colleges in the country. Our faculty members function as a collaborative team to ensure overall learning and development of our students. Their participatory and problem solving teaching and pedagogy consisting of activities such as project work, fieldwork, case study, article review and role play ensure effective learning environment in the classrooms and beyond. At KMC faculty members have represented the college at both national and international seminars and conferences. They are always striving for excellence, in academics as well as in research. Over all, faculty members at KMC are committed to disseminating knowledge and skills, and shaping professional growth of our students.  KMC College has faculty members with excellent track record of academic success and professional experience.

Faculty Members of KMC

Pradeep Parajuli (Program Director)


Mr. Ramesh Kafle
Mr. Bikash Malla Thakuri
Mr. Nahari Dahal
Mr. Nabin Pandey
Mr. Diwash Dahal
Mr. Deep Baral
Mr. Gunakhar Pokharel
Ms. Monika Devkota
Ms. Rita Shrestha



Mr. Bashu Dev Acharya
Prof. Dr. Shreedhar Gautam
Mr. Siva Ale
Mr. Bimal Gautam
Mr. Dhurba Pd. Timalsina
Mr. Madhav Bhsual
Mr. Shree Ram Paudel
Mr. Prajwol Pradhan
Mr. Subash Jha
Ms. Muna Lamichhane
Mr. Purushottam Pradhan
Mr. Rajendra Poudel


Mr. Prem Parajuli

Mr. Laxman Bhatta

Mr. Umesh Ghimire

Mr. Pratik Sharma

Mr. Rochak Bohora


Mr. Deepak Oli
Mr. Manoj Kumar Subedi
Mr. Manoj Kunwar
Mr. Poshraj Khanal
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chaulagain
Mr. Ram Bahadur Chhetri
Mr. Chandrika Khatiwada
Mrs. Janaki Pandey
Mr. Mohan Kafle
Mr. Umesh Baral


Mr. Hem Lal Pandey
Mr. Badri Acharya
Mr. Jawahar Maharjan
Mr. Nava Raj Dhungel
Mr. Sanjeev Niraula
Mr.Shankar Subedi
Mr. Laxman Bhatta