(i) Why study with us?

You’ll gain expertise and competencies for the real-world experience
You’ll learn from highly respected practitioners and management scholars
We are ranked as one of the best colleges in the country
We offer a range student support programs to give you the best possible opportunity for success.
We have all the necessary facilities for excellence in academic learning

(ii) What kind of college is KMC?

(KMC focus on diversified learning environment that enables 21st century learners to assimilate and utilize their knowledge and other relevant skills in their career progress.

(iii) How students learn at KMC?

At KMC students are engaged in diversified activities not just lecture based learning.

(iv) What is diversified learning?

Diversified learning includes presentations, seminars, pop-quiz, MCQs, interactive sessions, debates and group discussions, field visits and industrial interactions

(v) Why KMC is different from other academic institutions?

KMC focuses on learning rather than on teaching, KMC aims to foster disciplinary identity of students not just as students with degrees and finally, KMC emphasis in knowing and performing rather than memorizing and writing